Silicone Radiation sheet

Silicone Radiation sheet

-The materials deliver the resolution - heat out of the equipment happening the casting and - the heat of shaped materials.
-It applies to heat electrical equipment, machine and LCD, PDP, Notebook like that FPD has - the heat conduction power

-Operating by Hardening silicone, it causes to change the heat as the middle and standing -by an obstacle having durability, it decreases the pressure caused by surrounding
-pollutant and Impact and absorbs the vibration.
-It is strong with the ozone and excels in the chemical stability.
-It makes heat protect caused by the heat producer equipment and the contact side of -  materials.
-Appearance: gray, Hardness: 50 duro, Tension: 25kgf/cm2,
-Heat conduction power: 0.926W/m.k