-For the first grinding and image grinding of silicone, Gas, InPwear
-For the grinding of a metal disk which is composed of Al and Ni.
-For CMP (chemical mechanical polishing)
-For the grinding of a plastic lens
-For the grinding of a stainless board
-The glass machine valve for mask, the grinding of glass for liquid crystal indicate panel


-It is not afraid of scratch and haze. It is useful to the image side processing of Fixing grade, -non-fault and high plain grade.
-It uses for the ultra precision grinding of silicon wear, semiconductor materials, metal glass -and ultra precision grinding.
-It can unite to attach the both sides tape in the reverse side of grinding pad.
-Processing to punch a hole
-Roll shape, disk shape and segment shape are possible by the demand of customers.

ㅇA type
-The pad for stock removal.
- Non-woven fabric type for plain qualities maintenance of stock removal

-The pad for final polishing
- According in a number of demanding matters in case of an image grinding, it is usable to ~ come under various function

-The mending maintain pad for wax less mountain
- Silicones wear, the mending maintenance pad for wax less mountain of the glass for liquidcrystal indicate panel is standard type.